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Weight Loss and Stress Management Tips to fix it

If you want to lose weight fast then stop judging your body. You are unnecessarily inviting stress by judging yourself. Try out effective weight loss strategies.

Weight Loss is much more complicated than the traditional Calorie In, Calorie Out, OR Move more, Eat Less theory.

Stress erodes self-control. Stress depletes the energy you would otherwise use to exert self-control. For e.g. your boss/colleague/kids/ work is being a pain all day, and someone offers you a cake/bhujia/ any high-carb snack —you’ll find it a lot harder to say “no.”

If you’re trying to lose weight while being chronically stressed, it’s like you are trying to run a marathon while carrying someone on a piggyback ride. You can go to the finish line but by making it a lot harder. The reason is, your sympathetic nervous system is “switched on” at a smoke alarm mode. And in this state, it’s hard to pay attention to anything else. Nothing works according to the body.

 Stress increases insulin levels, which impacts the ability to burn calories and forces us to eat more comfort food by triggering cortisol levels in the brain.


How to Fix Weight Loss Stress?

To begin with, accept the reality. Admit you are stressed. Don’t force yourself to the gym, or keep eating food that you just don’t like. Go slow. Instead of doing 5 workouts per week, do just 2-3 per week.

Eat food that you like but in moderation. Eat without guilt. After all, Feel happy about it.

Practice a healthy lifestyle. As soon as you eat or while eating, don’t say or think how many calories are going in, and you have to burn it off.

  • Plan your meals and be organised. The more organised you are with your food and daily habits, less there will be chances of slipping.
  • Stick a weekly meal planner on the kitchen wall and follow that. Buy groceries according to that.
  • Pick up a hobby that reduces your stress – I did mandala art.
  • Lastly, start and end your day with some practices that relax your mind, listen to some music, Sit for a few mins with only yourself, download an app like Calm or MasterClass, and learn meditation or just follow any guided one.

To conclude, “Everything you need is already inside you.”

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