7 Yoga asanas for belly fat burning

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A flat tummy is every woman’s dream come true especially after her pregnancy.

    Yoga is one of the most ancient practices of India that has proven results. It can easily be learned and practiced by anyone but discipline and breath control is important to see results. Yoga doesn’t have an age limit. Regular physical activity and diet help to reduce belly fat easier.

    Let’s see 7 yoga poses/practices that help reduce belly fat:

  Let’s see 7 yoga poses/practices that help reduce belly fat:

1 Surya Namaskar

This is the most common practice that not only helps reduce belly fat but also rejuvenates the whole body and mind.

How to do:  Each Surya namaskar includes 12 postures(As in pic below) and 12 times of Surya namaskar makes 1rounit’sss ideal to do at least one t 1round(12times) of Surya namaskar every day

2 Hastha-padmasana

This provides flexibility and is good for all parts of the stomach.

How to do: Stand erect, inhale and stretch hands upwards; bend down till you touch your toes without bending knees; exhale and be in this position for a while. Repeat this 20-25 times.

3 Dandasana

This is just as simple as doing planks, but it not only reduces belly fat but also strengthens arms and legs

How to do: Sit on knees, inhale and move ahead with all force, rest your palms with shoulders straight, pull your legs back and rest on toes, hold this position at least for 30seconds; exhale and get back to normal position.

4 Naukasana

This is a simple boat pose that sets your core on fire.

How to do: Sit on there on the ith legs extended forward, inhale and lift legs to 45° angle by slightly moving back ur spine, extend ur hand towards ur knees and gaze at ur toes; exhale and rest back to normal position slowly.

5 Kapalabhathi: This is the most effective pranayama procedure not only for belly fat reduction but for all sorts of women’s health issues. Simple and easy to follow.

How to do: Sit in a comfortable position with legs crossed (Sukasana or padmasana), take a deep breath inside, and exhale in smaller portions so that it has a great effect on abdominal muscles. Repeat it as many times as possible. Remember strictly not to do after any meal.

6 Bhujangasana

This asana is just to raise the upper part of the body like a cobra so that abdominal muscles stretch out.

How to do: Lay down flat on your tummy, bring the palms under your shoulder, inhale and slowly raise only the upper portion of your body with hips stuck to the floor, stay in this position for a while, exhale and rest back.

7 Pavana muktasana

By the name itself, this is to get rid of gases out of your stomach. Which relaxes all the muscles.

How to do: Lay flat on ur back, fold ur legs on to tummy area and hold them tight with ur hands, try to touch your chin to your knees.

     All these asanas are recommended to be practiced in the early morning or 3-4 hours post meals. Meanwhile, it’s always good to follow a strict weight loss diet plan for effective belly fat reduction. Avoid taking chemical supplements for instant results.

 Meanwhile, it’s always good to follow a strict weight loss diet plan for effective belly fat reduction.

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