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Many scientific reports say Japanese water therapy aids in weight loss. Japanese water therapy is nothing but drinking several glasses of water first thing in the morning.

Drinking more water fills your stomach, water consumes space and you don’t feel hungry fast, it avoid cravings and overeating, 

We have mixed results on water therapy some studies have also shown there is a point in drinking water for weight loss. They said eating slowly will impact weight loss.

Calorie restriction may help in initial weight loss but it increases the hunger hormone ghrelin. An adequate amount of water boosts fullness and prevents overeating but there is 100% research to prove this.


  • Overhydration leads to lower sodium concentration in the bloodstream, which causes hyponatremia. In turn, this may cause headaches, vomiting, and coma. 
  • Proper nutrition is required for a healthy body, all groups of goods should be included in a diet, along with physical activity, which is a must for weight loss. 

Steps for water therapy 

  • First thing in the morning drink 400-600 milliliters of clean water
  • They proceed to clean your teeth
  • Not to intake anything up to 45 mins
  • After 45mins or 1 hr have breakfast  

Best detox drinks

Detox drinks are effective, it helps in fast digestion. If your digestive system is good then weight management is easy.

Detox drinks flush toxins from the body and boost metabolism.

  1. Lemon and ginger 

Squeeze half a lemon, add half-inch grated ginger. Should be consumed every morning for 2 months, and check the results.

  1. Cucumber and mint 

This drink tastes very good, take a large pitcher and add cucumber slices and mint, drink this mix throughout the day, it also helps to keep your mind fresh.

  1. Cinnamon mint detox drink

Mix a spoon full of homey in cinnamon water and a dash of lime, honey helps in metabolism, cinnamon crin cravings.

  1. Green tea 

Green tea is called a calorie-free tea, contains antioxidants that help suppress the increase of free radicals in the body.

There are many apps to help you drink water, they remind you often to drink water, drinking water also helps in having glow skin and avoid dryness in the throat, 

Instead of going for crash diets or other therapies, have a consultation with the doctor/ dietitian and take guidance based on your lifestyle and eating habits, lifestyle influences a lot in a fit body, regular physical activities are a must for shredding fat.

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  1. Love that water therapy. Anyone can do that with a little help of discipline. As for detox, would be sticking with my green tea which I love having in afternoons.

  2. I’ve tried a few of these detox drinks and I really love lemon and ginger!

  3. Preeti Upreti

    Thanks for sharing these amazing detox drinks. I usually start my morning with two glasses of warm water with lemon and honey added in it.

  4. Sony kaur

    Wow this water theraphy and different ways to do it,this is so beneficial in removing toxins from body,really helpful blog.

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