Diet plan/ fitness tips for brides

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Hey pretty girl! Your big day is all decided, and you are overwhelmed to look absolutely gorgeous on your once-in-life moment. And also you have other responsibilities like shopping, wedding planning, giving time for your would-be-husband, hanging out with friends for spinsterhood parties and what not!

All girls dream of looking thin in their wedding lehenga and sarees, but its equally important to stay strong and energised for all rituals and events.

    So here are some tips and simple diet plan to make you glow and look stunning on your special day

Simple and strict tips:

1) Take out 1hour everyday for yourself. 30mins of brisk walk and 30 mins of exercise is a must to keep you fit.

2)Stay hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

3)Include more fruit juices in your diet, it helps you get flawless skin and accumulates enough electrolytes.

4)If you have oily skin, avoid fat-rich foods to avoid pimples.

5)Keep dry fruits and nuts handy in your bag when you go out. Keep munching on, instead of junk or snacks.

6) Habit of drinking green tea or 4-5 glasses of warm water will help you shred extra pounds.

7) Dont stress yourself or go for a crash diet for faster weight loss, it’s of no use and may lead to faster weight gain post marriage.

8)Prefer home cooked food and raw salads.

9)Eating small quantities at small intervals is an effective philosophy followed for weight loss.

10)Avoid sweetened products and processed foods.

11)Proper sleep is very important for good health.Follow early to bed and early to rise.

12)Stay happy! Its your day and you are the showstopper of the event.

Simple Diet plan:

Morning: A glass of detox drink/green tea/lemon and honey water followed by a glass of warm water.

Breakfast: Anything like poha/upma/sevai/idly/dosa/oats etc

Mid-time:Any fruit juice/coconut water or whole fruit. Pomegranate, strawberry or citrus fruits preferably.

Lunch:Roti, rice and dhal, curd 

Evening snack:Raw vegetable/ sprouts salad

Dinner:2 roti and dry sabzi with less to no masala.Avoid rice. Have dinner 2hrs before you sleep.

     Stay determined and follow these simple tips and diet plans to look radiant and beautiful on your special moment to make it a great memory for your lifetime. Book a consultation with our nutritionists for customised diet plans.

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