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We have been in this service for over 8 years now. Our team of experienced fitness experts and nutrition consultants take over the task of transforming individuals to their ultimate best. We have been in this service of assured weight loss for over 2 years with about 2500 clients in India and abroad. We have a success rate of over 96% with over 40% renewal rates.
We follow a comprehensive, yet simple and reliable health management approach. In individuals with medical conditions, e.g., obesity, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol etc, the nutrition plans are customized accordingly. We have specialized nutrition programs customized for individuals.

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Nutrition for Assured Weight Loss (12 Weeks)

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Body Shred: Fitness & Nutrition Assured Weight Loss (12 weeks)

Package 3:

10 Days Weight Loss Challenge.

Package 4:

Nutrition for Assured Weight Loss (8 weeks)


Keto Transformation 60 Days


SKYPER-CISE (60 mins Private EXERCISE Class with the Personal Training Coach via Skype)

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