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Fueling Success: A Personal Transformative Journey to Inspire and Transform Lives – Lopamuudra Banerjii

It’s been over five years of an Incredible Journey! Let me take you through it:) 

Cast your mind back to 2018, and you’ll find me knee-deep in the daily grind – work, hustling in my own business, chasing those bills, and constantly feeling a bit guilty about not giving my family and home the time they deserved. Yep, it was a real whirlwind!

But hold up, I wasn’t exactly lounging around. Nope, I was a gym regular and kept my eating as clean as possible. But guess what? That pesky scale just wouldn’t cooperate!

>> Fast forward to November 2019,  when I got the news that I’d be relocating to Singapore as a trailing spouse. It wasn’t a must-do thing, but I decided to embrace the adventure and excitement of a fresh start in a new place and country.

2020 hit us all like a ton of bricks with the pandemic, and everything ground to a halt. 

But here’s the silver lining – I had a ton of quality time with myself. I dabbled in swimming, pilates, hot yoga, long walks, and crossfit – all without the overwhelm. 

Clean eating, meditation, and Reiki became my daily routine.

In 12 months, I managed to kiss goodbye to almost 10 kgs, and I promise you, it was a blast! No restrictions, just pure fun. 

But it wasn’t just about the physical transformation; there was a massive mental shift too. Starting anew on a clean slate was an absolute joy.

Fast forward to September 2023, and here’s the deal – we all go through the ups, downs, and messy bits of life, even being Health Coaches.

Here’s my little list of wisdom I’ve picked up and will carry forever:

  • Be Resilient: Every battle is your own, and you’ve got what it takes to conquer it.
  • Be Shameless: There’s absolutely no shame in hitting the restart button when you need it.
  • Grow a Thick Skin: Say goodbye to negativity and those unnecessary people.
  • Clear Your Mind: Unlearning those old beliefs can be incredibly liberating.
  • Choose What you Really Want: When you set your heart on something, you’ll naturally find the time for it.

Remember, it’s never too late to seize control and craft the life you’ve always wanted. 

If you’re ready to step up and embrace a healthier, happier you, Sign up, and let’s line up a FREE one-on-one chat.

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