How working women can lead a healthy lifestyle.

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What do you think is the biggest challenge facing women in the world today? There are plenty, to name a few, Patriarchy, sexism, racism, inequality, economic injustice and many more social problems, along with she might be suffering from a few untold personal issues, like sick days, unhealthy routine, lack of self-care etc.

Read through the article, you will find some amazing pointers, which will help working women lead a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthier life is not easy. Below are a few points, which women can start implementing immediately for themselves and also their family members

  1. Meal Prep or planning:

Let’s understand the process of preparation, Meal prep is a practice you inculcate in your routine to have a healthy body of yours and your family. Have in mind the medical conditions of the family members, and also the calories intake, plan the dishes to be prepared for the whole week, then stock up the groceries. 

  1.  Avoid recipes that need special ingredients or time consuming:

Cooking is fun when it consumes less of your time and effort, uses seasonal fruits and vegetables which are easily available, plans to use the leftovers smartly, encourage your family to share loveable dishes and drink. That way you can prioritise and feel healthy.

  1. Save money on groceries

Make a grocery list and stick to the items, see what’s on sale, vegetables and fruits and some cereals are cheaper when they are in season. So choose wisely. Lastly, avoid shopping when you are hungry.

The ultimate diet plan for working women

Breakfast 8 AM  

1 bowl cornflakes or porridge or pour milk(optional)

Mid-morning 11 AM

French toast with 1 egg or spinach Parata or spinach, corn sandwich or 2 he’s a cheek with 1 bowl veggies.

Lunch 1:30 PM

Rajma curry/ soybean curry/ channa masala with 2 multigrain curries or 1 bowl of curd rice/ brown rice.

Snacks 5:00 PM

200 mo Protein mistake mix nuts, or ruve flakes with roasted gram

Dinner 7 PM

1 bowl chicken/paneer/veggies with 2 multigrain rotis and 1 glass of yoghurt

Healthy Mantras

  1. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast before leaving for work, at least carry a sandwich or cornflakes.
  2. Everything you eat will nourish your body, don’t skip meals when in meetings or with guests at home. Prioritise your health and keep track of regular physical activities.
  3. It’s okay to have chats and fast food rarely but avoid as much as possible. 
  4. Include nutrition staples such as beans, nuts, seeds grains, peanut butter. Use these in place of candies and chips.

Hope all the above pointers help. Check out other blogs for healthy recipe blogs and weight loss diet plans. Mail us at for customised diet plans, our nutritionists will help you based on your physical activities and medical conditions.

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