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Eat your way right for a well-balanced lifestyle

Posted: December 29, 2020 By: Comment: 0

A balanced lifestyle refers to staying fit, staying positive and handling stress peacefully. A healthy body and a happy mind lead to success in life. Wondering how it happens? A simple tip is to follow a simple diet which includes natural weight loss foods, adequate water, physical activities and proper sleep.

7 food factors that help to have a well-balanced life.

  1. Say no to sugar

Consuming more sugar not only causes obvious diabetics but also leads to obesity, liver damage, anxiety and many other health risks. So instead of drinking beverages or soda sip a glass of fruit juice, tender coconut or buttermilk to stay hydrated.

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

A diet filled with fruits and vegetables helps you from cancer and heart diseases. As it contains high vitamins, minerals and high fibre. The best form to have vegetables as a cup of soup, and fruits in the form of a smoothie. You also feel energised and Plant chemicals are stored in your body.

  1. Don’t avoid dairy products

To maintain strong bones, you should not forget to consume dairy products, use low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt, in the right proportion. You can also add protein supplements to milk instead of plain milk. 

  1. Know how much to eat

Based on your age, weight, height, the lifestyle you can plan your meals.  Consult a nutritionist or you will get many apps to guide you in planning the diet plan. Strictly stick on to the diet for a few months and notice changes.

  1. Proteins are very essential

Plants are the best source of proteins chickpea pea, beans, unsalted nuts, tofu, soy products etc. Proteins are very essential for building muscles, also you can consume proteins present in the form of seafood. It also helps in repairing and strengthening the muscles.

  1. Have a balanced meal

Make sure to include all food groups in your diet, so that you will not miss out any proteins or calcium required for our body. According to your lifestyle and physical activities, plan your diet chart, make sure you reach the right calorie level at the end of the day.

  1. Whole-grains are must

Choose whole grains are rich in fibre and help in weight loss too. , whole-wheat bread, brown rice, barley, ragi ( finger millet ) which are rich in vitamin D and calcium. These are quick sources of energy.


Eating right is the only way to have a balanced life. Add up all fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals in your diet plan. Along with the right diet plan, physical activity is also equally important. Gym workouts, walking, swimming, cycling, you can choose any forms but stay active always.