Lose weight in 7 days with home food

Looking for Quick weight loss

Right eating habits and regular physical exercise are the keys to lose weight naturally, detoxification also helps in losing weight, no paid weight loss plans required.  Healthy eating not only reduces weight but also improves heart functioning, clear skin, mental peace etc.

The best, natural way to lose weight in 7 days is a detox diet, below are tips and methods to follow.

Detox diet: Detox is nothing but removing excess and unwanted toxin elements from the body. It is a short term process varies from 3 to 7 days.

It improves blood circulation, healthy skin, resistance power, boosts immunity, supplies la long term energy to all the organs of the body.

Types of detox diets :

  1. Juice diet
  2. Master cleanse 

How to starta detox diet?

  • Before starting a diet consult your nutritionist, be sure that diet you follow will not adverselyaffect your body. 
  • Stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol. Instead consume lime water, fruit juice or herbs tea.
  • Plan your diet in a way that no need to sacrifice complete solid food, else you will face a lack of nutrition.
  • Avoid workouts during a detox diet is completed, re-ensure to start solid food slowly.

Detox Diet Plan

Here is a simple plan, which can be followed on the first day of the 3-day plan. Beforee trying any diet consult your doctor.

Time                        Meal

06:00 am wheatgrass water, Lukewarm lemon water 

09: 00 am.               Sprouts, 1 big glass juice, 1 bowl salad

11:00 am.               Tomato or carrot or cucumber or amla juice and 5-6 almonds

02:00 pm.               Lime and cucumber detox water 1 glass

04:00 pm.               1 cup mixed vegetables or fruits salad

05:30 pm.               Mixed nuts, green tea

08:00pm.                Protein rich salad 1 bowl

10:00 pm.                Ginger tea with lime juice

You can also try cucumber and ginger detox drink with lime juice, fruit punch, vegetable soups etc

All fruits can be included in this diet, detoxification not concerned about weight mainly it is for cleansing the body. Working out is equally important for losing weight.