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How to make healthy eating a lifestyle?

Posted: December 29, 2020 By: Comment: 0

According to the WHO, Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. Health is not merely being disease-free. It is about taking care of everything that can improve what your body already feels.

It doesn’t matter if you are under-weight, perfect or obese, you must follow a healthy eating lifestyle. This blog will help you know how to make healthy eating, a lifestyle.

1. Know your purpose:

Motivation always keeps you going. So, know why you want to follow a healthy diet.

Believe, that you will be the person who you want to be, someday sooner. 

2. Calm down, keep it simple and start:

Off course it is necessary to be concious about what you are eating and how much you are eating but do not be over conscious. Don’t stress too much. You can slowly pick up the gear and make it a habit.

3. Keep changing what you eat:

Dont stick on to only one type of vegetable or fruit or a meal. Add variety meals. Follow rainbow diet, which says to include colourful foods item in your diet.

4. Start with meals that don’t look very healthy but are actually healthy:

For example, you can start with pasta, soup, rice. The main thing if concern here is that, you must keep your bowl of salad next to you too. Amount of “not so healthy” food must be less compared to a healthy bowl of salad. With time, you can substitute the whole meal with salad.

5. Know what is good for you:

In a couple of days of experimentation, you will be able to figure out what’s good for you. Something that is good for you, is making you happy. It is tasty, easily available and mainly, it helps you fulfill your purpose. 

6. Carry less money when you go to groceries:

This will help you in cutting down on junks. When you are carrying money that can only buy groceries, there wont be anything left even if you crave to eat junk.

In case you totally follow cashless payments, make up your mind to spend only stipulated amount to buy groceries.

7. Do this, if you are confused that you are hungry or craving junk ?

Grab a banana whenever you are in a confusion. Are satisfied with having a banana, you were craving for junk food, or  If you are still hungry, you were actually hungry. 

8. Include unsaturated fats and let go of sugar and saturated

 Saturated fats improve cardiac health, while saturated fats contribute to cholesterol. 

Examples of unsaturated fats are as follows, avocados, olives, peanuts etc. Basically almost everything that is plant- based is unsaturated.

9. Keep the motivation a, long:

Yes, what you eat will be plant-based or part if following a healthy lifestyle, but there are other equally important things too.

Keep yourself away from negative surroundings. Love yourself. 

Don’t stop unless you are satisfied is a common saying, but in terms of following a healthy diet, don’t stop even if you are satisfied. Few cheat days are okay, but compensate it with workouts. 

Good luck!