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Real Women Share the Most Important Factors That Helped Them Lose Weight

Forcing the body to lose weight only through cardio exercise or strict eating habits is not enough.

Being fit is a new trend nowadays.  If you want to start your weight loss journey, make sure you perform it under proper guidance. Due to a stressful life and consuming more processed food, body type differs from one to other, none have similar experiences. Weight loss for women over 40 is a difficult process.

Below are a few important factors that helped women to accomplish their weight loss journey.

  1. Drink plenty of water: Water is 100% calorie-free, hydration plays a vital time in weight loss, but we forget to consider it.  Here are a few tips to increase water intake. 
  • Drink extra water when you work out or during physical activity.
  • Carry reusable water bottle when travelling.
  • Eat more water content fruits and vegetables, like berries, cucumber, tomato, grapes, lettuce.
  1. Proper sleep: the sleeping pattern is very important to maintain a healthy life, this can be done by getting 7-8 uninterrupted hours, you will wake up with high energy to hit the gym.
  1. Stress management: Weight loss is a gradual process, initial days are harder, stay positive and plan your routine, and keep in mind to include mind full eating and regular physical activity.
  1. Diet is not everything you need to do for losing weight, of course, it’s an essential part, start educating your body, and not obsessed all the time, carrying too much weight leads to severe health issues, which requires surgeries to treat.
  1. Practice self-care – stress management requires self are, try with massage therapies which soothe your mind and body. Always Cook food with nutritious colourful vegetables.

FUN tips to lose weight.

  1. Play music when not in the mood to hit the gym
  2. Get inspired by the clock, stay active always.
  3. Set goals with your friends and compete with them
  4. Sign up a race
  5. Go on trekking
  6. Stay active with your pet
  7. Gardening
  8. Park your car farther
  9. Play with your kids
  10. Take a walk or cycle to the workplace.

People commonly make decisions to lose weight for the sake to look fit and attractive, but the truth is once a body starts getting enough amount of nutrients and exercises. It repair all organs and naturally balance the hormones which increases both inner and outer beauty.

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