20 easy and effective weight loss tips for women

Looking for Quick weight loss

Due to modern lifestyle people end up making unhealthy choices, like consuming processed food, late night parties, lots of beverages and alcohol etc. Instead should opt for disciplined eating habits, workout routines, managing stress.

According to health reports an active women age between 26-50 needs 2000 calories in a day, diet and physical activity are the key components for losing weight 

Below are few easy and effective weight loss tips you can follow

1. Drink lots of water 

2. Eat more protein 

3. Set a proper sleep pattern

4. Eat less processedfood

5. Do more of cardio workout

6. Have a food journal and stay inspired to eat healthily

7. Add fibre in your diet

8. Snack healthy foods like puffed rice, roasted channa dal.

9. Avoid beverages as it contains high sugar

10. Set goals according to your strength

11. Keep experimenting with diet plans but consult a nutritionist before starting anything

12. Bend and squeeze the body in workouts

13. Manage stress in a peaceful way

14. Use small utensils and measure what you eat

15. Use free wellness apps and be educated on nutrition and weight loss

16. Don’t rush to finish your food, eat slowly

17. Replace or add protein foods frequently

18. Practice aerobics  or yoga 

19. Take breaks during workouts and drink water

20. Try fasting whenever you get a chance, it is also an effective way to weight loss

Implementing healthy weight loss techniques will help women stay active always. The above tips aresuitable for both men and women, after 40 years women should intake the right amount of proteins and nutrients in their food. Also, exercise and yoga are equally effective in losing weight.