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Paleo diet

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Paleo diet is also called a Paleolithic diet, stone age diet or caveman diet. Which says, the modern era can follow ancestors eating habits to have a healthy and long life. This includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, the meat of farm animals, or wildlife and oils extracted from fruits. Etc

Below are a few foods which should be avoided while following a paleo diet

Paleo diet for vegetarians

Vegetarians find difficulty in resourcing diet plans because it majorly cuts out proteins if you are fine with having eggs, that would help you for the balanced paleo diet.

Another option is dairy, it is the least toxic vegetarian protein source, don’t consume during the first 30 days, then slowly introduce and see whether there are no symptoms. Just a glass of milk is enough for the required minimum protein.


1. Bread

2. Pasta

3. Rice

4. Grains

5. Dairy products 

6. Soda, sugar, candy, preserved foods 

For quick and effective results, chew the food finely and then swallow, don’t overcook. Vegetables and fish should be consumed fresh.


1. Fish – Tuna, Salmon ( Eat More Fishes Which Are Grown In River )

2. Meat – Beef, Duck, Pork, Chicken, Steak, Boar

3. Birds – Pigeon, Quail, Wild Turkey, Grouse, Snipe 

4. Organs – Liver, Kidneys, Heart (Eat All Parts Of The Animal)

5. Fruits – Grapes, Banana, Strawberries, Orange, Apples  

6. Healthy Fat – Avocados, Coconut Oil, Fatty Cuts Of Meat, Olive Oil, Ghee 

7. Vegetables – Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, Peppers, Beetroot ( Any Fresh Vegetables)

8. Nuts – Cashews, Walnuts, Almonds 

9. Tubers – Potatoes, Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts 



Breakfast –  Steamed vegetables with a boiled egg

Lunch – Duck roasted in olive oil with  a small bowl of sweet potatoes

Dinner – Broccoli, tomato and vinegar salad with a piece of fruit ( any fruit) 


Breakfast –Sandwich on lettuce leaf filled with a piece of meat and peanuts, carrots 

Lunch – Eggs with fish roast 

Dinner – Cooked vegetable soups with olive oil and onions 


Breakfast – A piece of fruit with a bowl of nuts

Lunch – Pork roast with sorted vegetables 

Dinner – A bowl of fruits with mashed potatoes 


Breakfast –  Sauteed broccoli in olive oil with a piece of liver roast

Lunch – A stir fry of salmon fish with some almonds

Dinner – Fried boar with some vegetables


Breakfast – Eggs with yams

Lunch – Baked beef with vegetables 

Dinner – Avocado greased with olive oil and fatty meat of pork


Breakfast – Sandwich of vegetables mixed with spinach and broccoli

Lunch – A stir fry of chicken and liver

Dinner – Vegetable cooked soup with pork fry


Breakfast – Boiled eggs with fruits

Lunch – Roasted almonds and banana 

Dinner – Stir-fried tuna with sweet potatoes 

Few more simple tips for effective results are 

• At restaurants order plain soups without cream or sauce.

• You can order grilled chicken with a vegetable salad

• Better to cook food in olive oil.