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Neha Varshney Arora

Meet Neha, Fitness Enthusiast, Global Director, IBM, NEW YORK.

Says, don’t focus on what you did not do in the past. Think about how to feel good going forward. – This is the bottom line of Neha’s Health Journey so far.

She is a workaholic boss lady who also puts her family and children first. But in the midst of all this chaos, in 2015, she was dealing with serious health problems. She also has a family history of blood pressure and heart disease. At this point, she understood that having a healthy body, mind, and soul is the key to living a long life and we all take that for granted.

It all started with a small goal of fitting into her old dress that she did not want to throw away. She began by dedicating merely 20 minutes a day to her health. But it was an infinite commitment. Consistency played a vital role in Neha’s health journey. Later on, she shifted her focus to decreasing body fat percentage and gaining muscle mass.

To her surprise, many people around her got inspired by her dedication and consistency. Her work colleagues, condominium friends, and family members started to follow her and feel inspired. She has converted many non-workouts believers into the fitness journey. Although everyone is different, Neha strongly believes that consistency will move mountains for you.

Her biggest inspirations are her father and husband. Her dad has been consistent with exercise his whole life. And her husband followed the same diet as Neha to give her company and also a source of motivation. Here are the top three factors that helped Neha find her healthiest self:

  1. Set mini goals and take one step at a time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. But always be consistent.
  2. Eat clean and healthy. This will help to boost the metabolism.
  3. Build a support circle around you.

Leave the past where it belongs. Focus on what is waiting for you with open arms. Approach your health with pride instead of dread and guilt. Remember that unhealthy habits may be addictive, but they don’t bring true joy. There are other things more worthy of your time.

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