The low carb diet plan to reverse High Cholesterol and Beat Heart Disease

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Cholesterol is a vital part of the human body. The right amount of cholesterol is needed for proper functioning or else it shows adverse effects on the body.

In recent days everyone has been following low-carb diet plans. But there is no need to eliminate any group of food. Indian recipes by nature include all healthy ingredients like, nuts, cereals, spices, seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Here is a simple diet plan, consult a nutritionist before following the below.

6:00 AM soaked methi seeds water and nuts 

               like almond or walnuts

8:00 AM oats is the best option, you can also

               eat rava upma,

11:00 AM 1 cup of green tea or coconut 

                 water with 1 fruit.

1:00 PM 2 rotis with 1 bowl of vegetables and 

                  Dal. Replace white rice with brown rice. 1 bowl vegetable pulav, with raita, grilled chicken on curry with chapatis.

5:00 PM 1 glass butter milk or tea, 1 bowl 

               Diced watermelon, or 1-2 boiled 


8:00 PM vegetable soup or bajra roti or whole grain khichdi.

Studies also proves very low carb diet may leads to short term weightloss, the benefit of low cab diet is not so effective

People tend to follow fad diets to lose weight. But there are easy ways to lose weight and look fit in a healthy way.

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