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Veena Deepak

Meet Veena, Academic Coordinator, Bangalore.

She is a true inspiration. She’s always been obsessed with her health. Veena’s life, however, turned upside down when she got her cancer diagnosis, and she began placing a higher priority on her health. Yoga was her escape from stress and anxiety. Home-cooked warm meals were like meditation to her body and mind. 

When she adopted constancy in her pursuit to live a healthy life, things began to change for the better. With the great support of her friends and family members, she followed every piece of advice and coaching by Lopa. Veena made sure she followed a rigid schedule and led an active lifestyle, which included engaging in her favorite recreational activities.

When we asked Veena what motivated her to maintain an active lifestyle every day, she told us that she was trying combinations of walking and exercising along with meditation. She enjoys dancing as well and intends to incorporate Zumba exercise into her mind-strengthening routine in addition to yoga and walking.

Veena wants you all to know that you should all be happy with whatever you are doing or experiencing. And if you want to be satisfied, give up trying to be a superwoman and instead find one or two activities you genuinely enjoy doing.

Your narrative will undoubtedly motivate many women, and you are undoubtedly our inspiration.

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