Ranjini Rao

Ranjini Rao is a well accomplished and successful Digital Marketing & strategy consulting leader who comes a rich IT Industry experienced with 23 years of MNC Corporate Background. She was with IBM for 15 years and she went through an immense period of emotional burnout and stress-induced PCOS and hormonal imbalances during her stint. Since 2016 she has transformed her entire lifestyle design to have a healthy & balanced mindset and enriching life purpose-She serves women especially suffering from stress  & anxiety-induced symptoms such as PCOS, Infertility and emotional, mental, spiritual, physical wellness through Reiki teaching and Chakra / Crystal therapy, Mandala art, Design thinking, and Spiritual methodologies. She is a multipotential talented emerging spiritual healer & leader. Her clientele comprises of Women Entrepreneurs to working professionals and teenagers. They are from Singapore, Dubai, UAE, Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, India.