Self-care factor is a must for a successful woman- featured Prathima Ranganath

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Self-care and self-love, there are a lot of talks about this. In reality, only a few prioritize their health and peace.

Women are god’s gift who give life, nurture and take care. But fails to take count of her. By birth, women are compassionate, caring, and loving.

In the present situation, women can be seen in all sectors from airports to farms. Below are 5 easy and simple self-care tips to start with, also factors of successful women.

  1. Drink a glass of water 1st thing in the morning- Stay hydrated
  2. Write your blessings every day- Journaling
  3. Walk for at least 30mins a day- Regular physical activity 
  4. Try gardening your favorite vegetable- Identify your passion
  5. Don’t do anything, if you don’t like it- Value your thoughts

Below is a story of a strong woman Prathima, who is inspiring her community by being a working mom and a health and wellness consultant. She says, if she can do it, you all can do it.

Let’s read her words,

Thanks to the world of wow fitness, for providing me with the opportunity to share my fitness journey.

I am Prathima (Mom of 2 cute boys), an ex-IT employee, and now a Health and wellness consultant, which I started inspired by my own fitness story and with the purpose of changing other’s life.

Working in an IT, those shift hours and unhealthy lifestyle lead mobbing overweight of 30 Kilos according to my height. I was always a short girl from my childhood. But being obese made me look low in the mirror leading to low confidence and low self-esteem.

This impacted the way I managed my work and family. My work-life balance was going down.

This is when I started to do N number of things to lose weight.

Going from all types of fad diets, browsing for solutions in this internet world, I had lost hope of losing weight, getting fit, and looking good.

This is when I heard the concept of adding nutrition(balancing Carbs, Protein, Fiber, and fats) to my lifestyle for being healthy and active.

This switch started making me feel good inside, with quality sleep, well-hydrated, being energetic to exercise, and think positively as well.

I started believing that Fitness is 80% Food ( Balanced meal every time) and 20% exercise. We are what we eat.

I lost amazing 26 Kilos of extra weight before my 2nd Pregnancy, and back to shape postpartum as well.

“THE STRONGER THE WHY, THE EASIER THE HOW” is what I always tell my clients. I make their WHY strong to keep them inspired by their result and other’s result. If they can do it, I can do it too.

I am currently working on building a lean body as both my pregnancies were C-sections, I still have a bit of lower abdomen fat. So being a Six-pack Mommy is what I want to achieve in 2021.

I make sure every year I have something new to get better and look better with my fitness. This is what everyone has to work upon so they enjoy their health which directly impacts their relationships with family and society.

Being a Role model, leading by example to spouse, kids, family, and society is my purpose and vision. 

All this credit guest my Coach, who has changed his life as well leading by example to all of us and being a Strong leader, inspiring many of us.

What I would tell all the women outside is giving time to family is fine but most importantly giving time to self is important and urgent.

If I am there, I have a husband, kids, and Family. What If something happens to me. Who will be there to look upon them?

Self-priority is not selfish when it comes to health and Fitness.

Finally, If I can do it, you all can do it.


Prathima Ranganath

Absolutely inspiring journey, identifying and achieving the strengths, something women often struggle with.

Stay hooked for more such inspiring fit stories, if you are the one who wants to get featured to spread your fitness tips and hacks, write to us or you can approach our social media channels.

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