Looking for Quick weight loss

How does your holistic health and living impact women’s fertility?

Previously my eating choices were unhealthy and it was all linked to a lifestyle issue than a nutritional & fitness related one.

I tried as much to reduce weight and attempted many workout styles and routines ..the results weren’t impressive.

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However , the moment I Redesigned my Lifestyle by incorporating holistic and alternate therapies and developed a positive outlook and it transformed my life totally!

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What I discovered during my health treatment journey was that a healthy gut wall is permeable , which means that it allows for the transfer of Nutrients. Digested fats, proteins, carbohydrates,vitamins , minerals, phyto-nutrients and water are transported across into the bloodstream.

My gut was allergic to gluten i.e. wheat and diary -they were the common triggers but they formed a major part of my daily diet. If you suspect you might suffer from a food intolerance , consider consulting a nutritionist for advise and a comprehensive allergy screening.

A healthy gut won’t allow toxins to enter , they can get across into the bloodstream if there is a low intake of beneficial minerals,such as calcium , magnesium and zinc ..If you tend to be an alcoholic then it is going to be extremely conducive to attack. Optimal levels of healthy bacteria in the gut are vital.

The startling truth is that the media, all the new magazines, television shows.They’ve secretly been keeping you fat for years.Even doctors for that matter want to see you more often at their clinic.

Or in the least, they’ve certainly not HELPED you lose weight or body fat or in fertility issues.

My biggest discovery was that >> Your fertility is not in the body it lies in awakening your mindset/soul consciousness and first creating an abundant lifestyle for yourself!!

The biggest and truest honour one can do is to Honour one’s creator and creative power within. Once we do that – then everything is harmonious and balanced!

We will talk in the coming blog series on how doctors and media and societal pressure creates a negative influence on your creative mindset and how you can unlock your creative potential – including conception!