The exact Diet Plan to lose 3-4 KGs in just 30 Days, ASSURED!

Have you been looking for a solid diet plan that helps in weight loss, doesn’t need additional supplements, and can be made quickly with your kitchen ingredients?


This The Ultimate Transformation 30-Days Weight Loss Program with INDIAN DIET is for you if:


  • You have been trying to lose weight by trying viral weight loss schemes, supplements, lifestyle changes, and everything you can find on the Internet, but didn’t succeed. 

  • You are suffering from chronic hormonal imbalance, weight gain, bloating which also affects your mental health.

  • You not only want to lose weight but also want to change your mindset about making your health a priority and living a conscious life.

  • You are a busy woman who doesn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and make huge lifestyle shifts to lose weight.

  • You want to lose weight without starving, maintain a healthy home-cooked diet, and also satisfying your cravings.


Are you up for this huge transformation?

If yes, get ready to:

  1. Lose 3 to 4 kgs of weight.
  2. Reduce bloating.
  3. Improve your gut health.
  4. Eat home-cooked healthy meals for 30 days straight.
  5. Choose meal plans from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan options.
  6. Eat meals that will improve your hormonal balance.
  7. Get rid of weight loss supplements, powders, and medicines.

Join today and get exclusive access to power packed freebies

If you join us RIGHT NOW, apart from the 30-Days meal plans, group coaching, and personal support from our team, you will get the:

Vegan Recipes

Vegan is the new way to eat! And our coach Lopa is a huge Vegan food fan. Hence, we are giving away weight-loss friendly and yummy 5 vegan recipes curated by Lopa herself.

The List of Ultimate Weight Loss Friendly Kitchen Ingredients.

Your kitchen is filled with healthy treasures and you don’t know it yet. Don’t worry, our Ultimate Weight Loss Friendly Kitchen Ingredients will help you to recognize those ingredients, how to use them, and what benefits they offer. Exclusively available for our Ultimate Weight Loss Warriors only!

Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group

Get access to The Ultimate Transformation 30-Days Weight Loss Program with INDIAN DIET Facebook group. Here, Lopa will share more tips and tricks which will be a great addition to their regular coaching by her. Moreover, you will get motivated by fellow weight-loss warriors by sharing your story and achievements with them in the group.

Frequently asked questions

What happens after the program is over? Can I maintain the lost weight?
Yes, absolutely. Because the diet plan is based on regular food that you eat at home. So you can continue eating in the same way and maintain your lost weight.


How to reach out to Lopa for further queries regarding the weight loss journey?

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the results?

Get ready to Invest In Your Health Today For A Better Tomorrow!

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