Best Indian diet plan for female for weight loss

Looking for Quick weight loss

Weight loss is one of the common challenges faced by women, they are advised with crazy ideas to loose weight, only a few works better. And loosing weight after 40 years is more difficult and needs proper guidance.

Food for easy weight loss 

  1. Green Dal, Moong Dal, Oats, Chana
  2. Palak, Leaf Greens, Multigrain
  3. Papaya, Cucumber
  4. Millets, Methi 
  5. Egg, Yogurt

Tips for weight loss 

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Early dinner
  3. Fibre-filled food

Lose weight naturally 

The supplements or any kind of weight loss pills will give you a short term result and at many cases we see people suffering from a lot of side effects and also sudden weight gain.

Here we share a simple yet effective  diet chart, easily a woman can adopt for.

BREAKFAST – The breakfast should be a healthy intake, as it gives the energy to run a whole day 

Let the breakfast plate be filled with different type of fruits, nuts.


Two chapati and vegetable curry followed with a glass of milk.


Rave dose with leafy curry.

BRUNCH – Try some nuts or brown bread, sprouts with a glass of warm water. 

LUNCH – Grab a plate of boiled rice with your favourite curry added with an egg.


Roti with chicken gravy. 


Brown rice with seafood or chicken along with Some vegetable salad, don’t stop there your warm water is still pending enjoy it too.

EVENING SNACKS – let the snacks of chitchat be more joyful with biscuits (digestive), roasted chana, with soy milk.

DINNER – Night dinner should be minimised with a vegetable salad or steamed vegetable.


 A bowl of mixed fruits with a glass of buttermilk.  


 One chapati with a lot of sabja.


A small bowl of oats.

The food which we consume decides the health. So never forget to consume the best food to keep your body clean and healthy. Healthy eating leads to happy living, which is the secret for happiness.