Serving women through a
holistic approach especially
suffering from stress
& anxiety

Serving women through a holistic approach especially suffering from stress & anxiety

Ranjinii Rao

Holistic Life Design Consultant | Facilitator | Coach | Counsellor

Ranjinii Rao is a well accomplished and successful Digital Marketing & strategy consulting leader who comes a rich IT Industry experienced with 23 years of MNC Corporate Background. She was with IBM for 15 years and she went through an immense period of emotional burnout and stress-induced PCOS and hormonal imbalances during her stint. Since 2016 she has transformed her entire lifestyle design to have a healthy & balanced mindset and enriching life purpose-She serves women especially suffering from stress  & anxiety-induced symptoms such as PCOS, Infertility and emotional, mental, spiritual, physical wellness through Reiki teaching and Chakra / Crystal therapy, Mandala art, Design thinking, and Spiritual methodologies. She is a multipotential talented emerging spiritual healer & leader. Her clientele comprises of Women Entrepreneurs to working professionals and teenagers. They are from Singapore, Dubai, UAE, Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, India.

Online Alternative Therapy Consultant for Weight Loss .

The goal of alternative therapy is to improve your general health and relieve anxiety symptoms with few or no side effects.




Reiki with Crystal & Mandala therapy

  • Reiki level 1 workshop
  • Reiki level 2 workshop
  • Crystal therapy methods & techniques
  • Practical ways of using crystals

( Minimum 7 days up to 42 days )

Psychology Counselling

  • Silva meditation
  • Mindfulness with Art
  • Counselling on Stress Management

Talk Therapy

  • Counselling Sessions
  • NLP
  • EFT
  • Self Hypnosis and affirmations