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Women aren’t merely someone’s wife, daughter or mother. They are individuals in and of themselves with individual dreams

She is the brand ambassador for GetFitwithLopa. She has been a Lifestyle and Weight Management coach since 2011 and a community builder on women’s health and obesity. She is the recipient of Excellence in Fitness award by Karnataka Women Achievers Association (2019) India, Gladrags Mrs. India Finalist (2009). She has numerous certification in the wellness & nutrition field, including Specialist diploma in Nutrition science and Public Health from Nanyang University, Singapore,  RYS 200 hrs Yoga Teachers Trainer, ACE(American Council on Exercise) certified PT, ACE(American Council on Exercise) certified Weight Management and Nutrition Specialist, RIA(Reebok Instructor Alliance) certified GX instructor, IKFF(International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) certified Level 3 is a reiki practitioner (level 1 and level 2).

Fit & Lean - The Get FIt Plan for Indian Women
Best Diet plan
Best Diet plan

Lopamuudra Banerjii

Her specialty is weight loss management and she has helped people with medical conditions like PCOD, hormonal imbalance. steroidal weight gain, age related obesity, diabetes and arthritis to overcome the weight loss problem without any hurdles. She also conducts various other programs like meditation classes and nutrition webinars for the peoples welfare and to help people to balance stress. Her own struggles with good health has given her a unique perspective on women’s health. She went through two surgeries for endometriosis, caused by hormonal imbalance. She has been suffering from chronic stress and anxiety during her entrepreneurial journey, lasting till early 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily lose the initial 4 kgs within a month and thereafter another 7-8kgs in the following two months. Sustainable weight loss is our forte’ and we deliver guaranteed results

Absolutely not!! World Of WOW Fitness never ever recommends any short cuts. So no pills, powder, tonic etc. Just eat from your home kitchen and lose weight sustainably. 

Yes 100% you can!! Follow the guidelines given after the program gets over. Since we do not recommend any shortcut or crash diet, you’ll always learn how to moderate food and lifestyle as per your requirements during the course of the program. So even when the program ends you can easily maintain the lost weight.

Lopamuudra cares for all her clients and monitors them very closely. So whichever time zone you are at, she identifies a way to be in touch with you on a regular basis.