Women aren’t merely someone’s wife, daughter or mother. They are individuals in and of themselves with individual dreams. Despite so many obstacles that could have been conjured into excuses to give up, Lopamudra Banerjee achieved and even surpassed the goals she originally had set. Living and spreading fitness for more than 10 years, Lopamudra has proved that the sky is the limit if your hard work and your heart is in place. Today, she is a celebrated lifestyle coach, weight loss specialist and founder & CEO of World of WOW Fitness. 

However, her journey to success was not so easy. She had to quit her 9 to 5 regular job to follow her passion for fitness. She was also facing a lot of complicated health issues like severe migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal issues, and abnormal weight gain. She has over 8 years of corporate experience in companies like Times of India and Essar Telecom retail. During her corporate tenure, she had to take a 2 years sabbatical leave for her pregnancy. 

She was introduced to the world of fitness when she was chosen for the Gladrags Mrs. India contest in 2009. During her training, in Mumbai her association with 21 other participants from various challenging and different backgrounds, made her see different perspectives of life. Some women were suffering and going through a lot in their life and still, they dared to participate in the contest and chase their dreams. It was a turning point in her life when she realized that her life was not limited to a 9 to 5 job, but much beyond that.

After coming back from the contest, she decided to look after herself and her family and plunge into doing what she loves the most. She started focusing more on her health and fitness and started training herself in an intense workout session every single day. She felt even more encouraged when people in her apartment came up to her asking for nutrition and workout advice. That was when she decided that she should take it to another level, expand her reach to more people and help them achieve a healthy life. With that goal, she did her first formal certification from Reebok and trained herself by undertaking uncountable fitness and nutrition learning with various national and international certifications and courses. From training small groups of ladies in her apartment, she started training a huge crowd in batches of 20 to 25 each including both men and women of different age groups. 

In 2016, she started her first endeavor, where they provided customized end to end transformation solutions to their clients, which included weight loss goal, nutrition, styling, makeup, body language, personal shopping, wardrobe evaluation, and grooming. But unfortunately, it didn’t get the response as was expected. 

Born out of profound experience, knowledge, and love for fitness finally, she started her next company as World of WOW Fitness in 2018, which is an exclusive fitness entity based on online nutrition and fitness, to help people achieve a fit and healthy body they crave for. 

Mrs. Lopamudra Banerjee is determined to make World of WOW  fitness a one-stop solution for weight management and tackle all kinds of obesity problems. She is a certified personal trainer from the prestigious American Council on Exercise and holds certification in professional aerobics, kickboxing, cardio interval, steps aerobics and Kettlebell exercises. Her specialty is weight loss management and she has helped people with medical conditions like PCOD and arthritis to overcome the weight loss problem without any hurdles. She also conducts various other programs like meditation classes for the people’s welfare and to help people to balance stress. Recently she has been the recipient of excellence and fitness award for the year 2018 awarded by the Karnataka women achievers Association.

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World of WOW Fitness follows a comprehensive, yet simple and reliable health and weight management approach catering to individuals with varying medical conditions, like obesity, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Today, World of WOW Fitness holds a strong client base of over 3000 in pan India with a 96% satisfaction rate, and 90-100 new enrolments every month. They have a team of experienced fitness experts and nutrition consultants who take over the task of ensuring effective strategies for long-term weight loss and a healthy lifestyle change. For individuals with medical conditions, like obesity, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc, the nutrition plans are customized accordingly. They are one of the top-rated online fitness and nutrition consultants across India with a 4.8 Google rating.



We follow a comprehensive, yet simple and reliable health management approach. 

For individuals with medical conditions, like obesity, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol etc, the nutrition plans are customized accordingly. We have specialized nutrition programs for each of the categories listed below:

Competitive athletes are continuously seeking ways to optimize their performance, and nutrition is an important area that can help them achieve their goals. 

Competitive athletes are continuously seeking ways to optimize their performance, and nutrition is an important area that can help them achieve their goals. 

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common health condition experienced by one out of 10 women of childbearing age.

For guys, the battle of the bulge can be a bit easier than for women. Still, you’ll want to choose one of the best weight-loss plans for men.

Trying to balance the demands of family and work or school—and coping with media pressure to look and eat a certain way—can make it difficult for any woman to maintain a healthy diet. 

Proper nutrition is essential to the health and comfort of oral tissues and healthy tissues enhance the possibility of successful prosthodontic treatment in the elderly.

 WOW, Fitness helps your body adjust to changes brought about by menopause so that you can keep weight off and maybe lose a few pounds too.

Weight loss can benefit people of all ages, even teens. Losing excess body fat can improve health and boost self-esteem and confidence.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone specific areas, or just start a workout, we will put together exercise plans customized to help you succeed. 

Undernutrition is a special challenge for nutritional care in recent years severely undernourished children die of inadequate management of protein in the initial phase

 Keto diet promotes weight loss through a diet low in carbohydrates (less than 20 grams a day), high in protein, and moderately high in fat.

 Renal failure patients with low body mass index, weight loss, low albumin, and low cholesterol all have increased morbidity and mortality.