7 Best and Reliable Apps For WEIGHT LOSS

Looking for Quick weight loss

To achieve in life motivation is very important, it can be of a mobile app or software. We live in an era where machines instruct us about discipline routine, calorie count, work out schedule and whatnot. Here are must-try apps if you are looking for motivation and accountability to lose weight.

List of reliable and user-friendly high reviewed apps to track your weight.

My Fitness Pal:

  • This is a free app with 4.4 stars rating. You will get free knowledge on Food consuming, everyday exercise, and tips for weight loss.
  • Over 11 million people around the globe use it. This is the best app for women and teens as well. 

Fit bit 

  • This is a very good app! It shows what exercise you should do concerning your height and weight.
  •  It provides exercise goals and some other exercise tips every day.
  • Over 10 million people have used it and found better results.

Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDairy

  • This app creates a calorie budget for a safe weight loss, barcode scanner, Food database, user-friendly features gives it 4.6 ratings.
  •  It also keeps treating sleep and keeps od sugar.


  • This is a different type of app based on psychological elements instead of instructing you to eat less.
  • Also creates a customised approach for nutrition and weight loss. It keeps track of your weight blood sugar, sleep patterns, healthy habits etc.

Lose it 

  • Set a goal in your life, And start your weight loss and journey with this app, it will calculate your daily calorie budget.
  • You can track your weight, calorie intake.
  • The main features are Barcode scanning and also take a snap. 

Lose weight in 30 days

  • This app provides complete details on how you should start your diet plan and also workout routines keeps track of all your data related to weight and nutrition of your body.
  • Work out plans combines all part of your body,  this is an all in one weight-loss tool.

Calorie counter by FatSecret

  • Free app with multiple features related to weight loss, healthy diet, nutrition, fitness plan etc. 
  • This app is user friendly and syncs with Fitbit and apple health tools. Which allows you to see the whole picture of your health

Losing weight is not a big deal if disciplined life style is maintained. Eat right, stay active is the key to achieve in weight lose journey. There are tons of great apps to avoid beginners in investing on fancy work out programs and diet charts. Hope the information helps. And if you are willing for a free consultation regarding weight lose, reach out @ worldofwowfitness@gmail.com.