15 Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones for Weight Loss

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15 Natural Ways to balance your hormones

A human body uses hormones to communicate, each part of your body does a specific task, directed from the glands of the endocrine system.

As a result of the contemporary lifestyle, few things go unnoticed. But this shouldn’t happen in the case of health. Hormonal imbalance has become a very common issue.

The rate of hormonal issues is more in women as they have different endocrine cycles. They naturally experience some hormonal imbalance points like,

●      Puberty

●      Pregnancy

●      Childbirth

●      Breastfeeding

●      Menopause, Premenopause, Postmenopause

Not to worry here are 15 ways to bring your hormones on track,

1.     Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy lifestyle leads to a happy life. Plan your day. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, which supplies proteins. Avoid processed food. Stay hydrated.

2.     Exercise regularly

More or less but work on it, excessive exercise leads to adverse effect both mentally and physically, very less exercise causes obesity. Start with 15 minutes a day and gradually increase to 30 minutes about 5 days a week.

3.     Proper sleep pattern

There are few hormones that release to bloodstreams during sleep, hence adults need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night.

4.     Avoid and beverages

Yes, replacing sugar with jaggery, sweetened beverages leads to consumption of more calories, obesity, weight gain, which leads to diabetes.

5.     Avoid intake of chemicals

Skin and hair are good absorbents, avoid using cosmetics that contain artificial fragrance and harmful elements.

6.     Don’t overeat or undereat

Let me clarify, hormonal shifts occur due to poor diet plans. Calculate the number of calories to intake according to your gender and health problems.

7.     Manage stress

Let me tell you how, you have laundry to fold, clean dishes, teach kids but you need some energy to complete your to-do list, so schedule some me time, as self-care is very important, start with some basics like listening to music, meditating, walking, swimming etc.

8.     Include herbs in your diet

Herbs consists of vital sources of supplement which are essential for a person, use coconut oil regularly it helps in losing weight by boosting metabolism and reduce stress

9.     Eat egg as a snack

 Eggs are a very rich source of protein, and vitamin D also helps in the repair of body tissues.

10.   Drink herbs tea

Raspberry leaf tea is best for treating hormonal imbalance in women, also fenugreek and ginger helps to increase testosterone and painful cramps. Consult your doctor before starting these remedies.

11.   Eat lots of fibre

Fibre plays a vital role in good health, High fibre food is oatmeal, wheat, beans, citrus fruits, nuts etc. Include these in your diet.  

12.   Include Fish in your meals

Apart from being delicious, fish has lots of benefits on health, maintains a healthy heart, it fight against autoimmune diseases like diabetics.

13.   Include Magnesium in your diet

Magnesium is good for hormonal imbalance and also reduces inflammation and allows quality sleep, which is needed for a fit body.

14.   Eat plenty of VITAMIN C

Food like oranges, strawberries, sprouts, spinach are rich supplements of Vitamin C, which takes care of liver health, and manages hormone level.

15.  Consult a  medical professional.

Hormonal imbalance is very difficult to treat, as it is complex to identify the symptoms, unnoticed and leads to major health problems.

Common Q and A on hormonal imbalance:

 Q: How to balance hormones naturally while pregnant?

 A: This is very common, so natural ways to treat hormonal imbalance during pregnancy are,

·        Intake of high protein,

·        Quality sleep

·        Should engage in regular exercise.

Q: Which food can help balance hormones naturally in women?

A:  Here’s what you can pick: flaxseeds, leafy greens, all-natural nuts, salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables, are the best food intake for treating hormonal imbalance naturally.

Q:  What are common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women?

A:  In short fatigue, hair loss, irregular periods, cramps etc are seen very commonly,  It is good to notice at the earliest and treat accordingly.

Let me tell you, the right diet, proper nutrients, and lifestyle matters. After 2 weeks of following all natural ways, still it’s in the same state, then time to consult a doctor.

You can also contact us on worldofwowfitness@gmail.com for a free consultation to identify  the health issues and we help you treat in natural ways like yoga and a good diet plan. Or talk to the nearest doctor for medical treatment for hormonal imbalance.