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Are youready to take your health and nutrition journey to the next level?

Whats included in 1:1 Consultation with Lopa?

  • A customised program for 90 Days designed to shed fat, increase metabolism & improve hormone health.
  • Expect to lose upto 26 pounds of body weight.
  • Diet Plans will be customised based on Age, Location, Daily Lifestyle & Food Habits 
  • New Diet Plan customised by Lopa every 2 weeks
  • Recipes will be shared
  • Video Review Call every 2 weeks with Lopa
  • Progress will be constantly monitored with daily messages (Whatsapp or iMessage)
  • Complimentary entry to WOW’s member subscription program for one month. 

Let's talk about the incredible benefits of 1:1 coaching!

 Personalized Guidance: Receive customized nutrition plans and expert advice tailored specifically to your goals and needs.⠀

Accountability & Support: Stay motivated and accountable with regular check-ins, personalized feedback, and ongoing support throughout your journey.⠀ 

Education & Empowerment: Gain in-depth knowledge about nutrition, develop sustainable habits, and empower yourself to make confident, informed choices for a lifetime of wellness.⠀ 

Overcoming Challenges: Work closely with a dedicated nutritionist who will help you navigate obstacles, overcome plateaus, and find solutions to reach your goals.

Let's discuss how we can support you on your health journey.

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